Where to Meet the Opposite Sex

Jul 10, 2020

Where are some good places to meet the opposite sex? Lately I have been striking out at my usual pickup places.

Eve says:

There are only a few really good places to meet the opposite sex. My favorites are the following:

The Bookstore. There is no better place to meet intellectual people that have real interests. If you shop in your own sections, you will already have something to talk about should someone special come strolling by. It’s easy to start up a conversation about the books and authors you like to read. Bonus, the two of you will already have something in common.

Children’s Sporting Events. For those of you who are single, but have children from a previous relationship, this is ideal. Other single parents will almost always be attending these events, and you won’t have to worry about the other person being “scared off” by the fact that you have a child. Just strike up a conversation about how good their kid is playing today!

Adam says:

I have three places where I can always seem to meet women. Bars. If your local hip bar isn’t a gathering point for singles then I can’t imagine what is. If you don’t put on a “show” for the ladies you shouldn’t have any problem at least getting the opportunity to start a conversation with one of them. Just remember to be genuine. There is no need to lie! You don’t want to start off what could be “the” relationship with a bunch of pointless lies.

Local Grocery Store. Not the big chains – too many married people. The odds will be against you. Try the corner Mom & Pop type stores in your neighborhood, where more singles are prone to shop.

The Mall. You may think that this type of meeting place is more for the teenage crowd, but you can’t deny the amount of traffic flow in and out. If you are a guy, try looking in the big department stores like Nordstroms where the women just flock to. You might also try the food court. Look for that single person taking a break from the hectic atmosphere of shopping and go introduce yourself. You never know what might happen.