Penis Enlargement Surgery Overview

Jul 5, 2020


There are a number of “penis enlargement professionals” with wide-reaching Internet marketing campaigns. The surgical penis enlargement industry has not yet received the backing of the American Medical Association, and while not prohibited, is not well regulated. Most surgeries do not have any complications, but a surprisingly high number (47%, depending on the source) have some sort of unforeseen negative effect, including heavy scarring, deformities of dermal grafts (fat injections moving around), or a reduction in the body’s ability to have an erection.

We are not saying that surgical penis enlargement is not an excellent option for those looking for something more drastic – just read the literature regarding the processes first. Check out results from extensive studies and a review of one physician’s (he doesn’t perform the surgery) comments about penile augmentation in The Electronic Journal of Sexuality.

Penile Girth Enhancement:

The lengthening procedure involves making a small incision just above the base of the penis (within the cover provided by the pubic hair) and releasing the suspensory ligaments, which hold part of the penis inside the body. The ligaments are repositioned, allowing the penis to move forward. The results are instantaneous and add an average of 1.5″ in length. Two separate procedures are available to thicken or enlarge the girth of the penis. The first is a process known as Dermal Graft Augmentation, a relatively new yet very successful technique. With this procedure, strips of skin with the fat on the under-surface are removed from low- visibility areas of the body, usually from areas where there are natural body creases.

These strips are then inserted under the skin of the penis through two small incisions. The grafts are positioned to meet under the skin, surrounding the entire shaft, thus eliminating visible ridges. The procedure adds approximately 30% to 50% in circumference.

The other enlargement procedure is referred to as a Fat Transfer. The Fat Transfer procedure is one that is older and is no longer used for new patients. As technology has improved, Dr. Barron has concluded that the Dermal Graft Augmentation provides a vastly superior and virtually permanent result. In the Fat Transfer a variable amount of fat was removed from either the lower abdomen or inner thighs, purified, then placed under the skin around the shaft of the penis. This technique also added from 30% to 50% in circumference. There is a significant possibility some or all of the relocated fat will be reabsorbed by the body within the first several months.