Is Natural Male Enhancement Actually Effective?

Aug 29, 2020

Natural Male Enhancement

If you’re serious about looking into male enhancement, we’re sure you’ve heard the horror stories about people using harsh chemicals and products that leave them in a worse state than when they started.

For this reason, there have been many people who have turned to the natural alternatives for male enhancement. These natural alternatives often include exercises, extenders and herbal supplements. To help you make your decision, we’ve reviewed some of the pros and cons of each method.


Pros — Exercises seem like they would be a logical winner; you want your biceps to get bigger, you do a few bicep curls—seems only natural that it would work for your penis, right? Not necessarily. Although these exercises don’t seem like they would be very dangerous for you, not to mention they’re the cheapest alternative out there, they don’t seem to be founded on medicinal knowledge.

Cons — Even if exercise seems logical, your penis is not a muscle and cannot grow from use. Most of these exercises focus on stretching the penis or squeezing it, saying this will stimulate growth. Girls learned a long time ago that pulling on their hair won’t make it grow faster, why can’t we learn that pulling on our junk won’t get the job done any more?


Pros — This alternative focuses on the theory that because bodily tissues breakdown and rebuild when they are stretched. Although it seems archaic, reminding us of some ancient torture methods in Europe, it has actually seen some positive results.

Cons — Before you run out and get yourself a penis extender, you should know that they only guarantee results if you wear it constantly for at least one year. Constantly. For a year. Although we don’t like the idea of a small penis, we can’t think of a worse situation than to have our penis feel like Forest Gump in his leg braces.

Herbal Supplements
Pros — Herbal supplements help change your size and performance from the inside out. This means that not only can they add length, but they can also add girth, give you harder erections, increase your sex drive, and give you more control of your orgasms.

Cons — Although there are many supplements out there that have changed many guys’ lives, you have to be picky and do your research before you buy, otherwise you might end up with a really expensive multivitamin on your hands.

Which Ones Work?

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