How do you pick an Enlargement System?

Nov 10, 2020

When you decide to purchase an enlargement system to make your penis bigger, the first thing to avoid is any stretching device that uses weights that hang off of the penis to perform the stretching.

The hanging method can cause severe vessel damage as well as damage to the tissues in the penis and could leave you impotent.

Contrary to popular belief, the weight method of penis stretching and the traction method do not enlarge the penis in the same way.  When you use a penis extender device, you will split tissue cells and they will re grow, causing new tissue to form and giving you a larger penis.

The weight method only stretches the tissue cells to make your penis larger.  This will make your penis longer, but it will also make it thinner and weaker.

The other little known fact about the hanging method is that you may actually stretch the ligaments which will cause them to retract and end up making your penis shorter.

Another one of the drawbacks of the hanging weight method is that you can damage the nerve that runs along the top of your penis causing impotence.   We are not done yet, there is still more to tell about the dangers of a weight hanging stretching device.

In extreme cases you could actually cut the blood flow off to the penis causing the risk of infection, if bad enough, amputation.   Yes, that is what I said; you can develop gangrene and have to have your penis amputated.  Gangrene is a very serious type of infection and in all seriousness; the doctor may be forced to cut off your penis to save your life.

The good news is that there are a few high quality penis stretching devices out there that do not use weights, but rather the traction system.  This method is endorsed by the medical community and I did not see one thing about side effects in the clinical studies, not to mention gangrene.

You will not have a problem finding a traction type penis stretching device that is not only endorsed by the medical community but carries the type 1 medical device stamp.  These quality devices are not only effective but they are very safe and most are comfortable to use.