How Can I Meet Hot Women?

Aug 26, 2020

I can never meet good-looking women. How can I ditch the dogs and bag the babes?

Eve says:

You must give a GREAT first impression.

Get off to a good start, and you have it made; mess up early and your chances suffer. For these babehunters, the game begins long before meeting. They dress well, look well, smell well, present themselves strongly and elegantly, and have the wit to knock ladies off their feet. For these elite few, the real problem is not meeting women, but getting them to respond. Simply, who you are and how you behave will dictate the type of response you will receive, if you get one at all.

If you are a creative Sex God, you would turn the extra bedroom into a massage room.

You can get a good massage table for less than $500.00. A course in massage will cost you anywhere from $500-5,000 depending on the school. But for free, you can just read the section on How to Give A Good Massage in Volumes 4,5, & 6 of the Newsletter. The mere presence of the massage room would be enticing to women you are hunting after. Heck, if you didn’t invite the girl for a massage on your own, she will probably bring it up later that night by herself anyway, especially if she believes another women already visits there. This is example of how you can often skip the dating and pursuit hurdles with the right preparation.

Your home is your lair, your domain. You can count on being judged on the basis of it. If you want to really have an edge, you need to befriend an actual women and ask her for pointers on decoration. How you furnish a home is more important than where it is or what it is made of. Women will swoon over your chic sense of style and ambiance that you naturally live in. Why? Because you are a God of Sex!

Adam says:

The men who consistently come home with hot chicks are, in my book, Gods of Sex. Their seduction begins simply with a meeting. These successful men go from meeting a hot chick to having sex with her quickly and with minimal effort. Even if they choose to take their time, it is the ability to capitalize on the window of opportunity created by a meeting that defines a so called God of Sex.

If someone wants to work in the computer industry, he/she is not going to move to Mexico, right? Likewise, you need to position yourself in the proper atmosphere if you ever expect to meet hot chicks. The ideal place for a God of Sex to live is in a big-city apartment building where babes outnumber men. Look for slightly expensive, secure apartment buildings, the kind babes seek out when they live in big cities, especially if these buildings are near universities or other areas with large concentrations of young singles. I currently live close to one of premier party universities in the nation, and there is anything but a shortage of legal hotties running around trying to “discover the world” if you know what I mean!

Upper-class neighborhoods make poor hunting grounds, since most of the babes are too stuck up to notice you, or are taken by similar rich-yuppie males. Stick to the hip areas and areas popular with young people, and then go for the best apartment buildings or houses in those neighborhoods. The more babes who live in close proximity, the better. Obviously you’ll have better chances at an apartment complex of 1000 people than in some rural town in the middle of nowhere. If you woo enough of the babes that are always around, you will definitely be invited to their local gatherings and parties. And once you’re in a party, your chances of meeting AND/OR scoring with a hot chick dramatically rises.

You also might want to consider buying yourself a bachelor pad with more than one bedroom. This way, you have the option of throwing parties, and you have extra room should people want to stay over. The extra money you spend on the extra bedroom might be worth it when that hottie from out of town needs a place to stay rent free, but has lots of other things she can pay you back with .