Hilling Potatos

Aug 26, 2021

Potato Hilling is a great study of our farm.

We are big enough, at 1o acres, where we consider our tractor a necessity. However, we are still plenty small to do most of the work by hand.

However, the more you use the tractor and see how efficient it is, the more you want to harness its efficiency (especially if you are paying people to do non-tractor work, such as hilling potatos).

So, now is the time to hill our potatos. They are giants. At 2 feet (or 3, I really can’t remember at the moment), they have grown better than any of my potatos in the past. I am happy. However, we have to hill them all (1/2 acre of them) by hand because we planted the rows (at 30”) to close together.

I would love nothing more than to just take the tractor through the rows and hill some lush, friable soil around the stems, but, alas, we can’t. So, we’re stuck with a week’s worth of hilling potatos.

And that’s allright also.