Harvesting in the rain

Aug 26, 2021

Logan and I arrive later to the farm than desired. We get in a couple of hours of harvesting before the rain picks up. Then, the mild downpour ensues for about 5 hours. As soon as we’re done harvesting, the rain ends!

Admittedly, I was pretty miserable. I’ve grown soft in these last 25 years of life. I guess this is what farming year-round is like -it shows you where you’re soft. Anyway, not harvesting wasn’t an option: we had big order from the co-op and a pre-thanksgiving farmers’ market to attend (thankfully, it was really busy). So, we buckled down and did the harvest. We had help from three friends for an hour and a half, and that helped a lot.

Maybe next year we’ll have so much planted in the fall and winter and we’ll do a CSA so we can afford to keep help on board. That would be nice. I think we’ll do that.

Another photo…check it out! – this is the garlic patch (in the foreground) before it sprouted.