A week and a week to go

Aug 26, 2021

So I’ve been holding down the ‘fort’ this last week and for this next week as Jared is on a tour. Before he left we tried to get as much done as possible, since while Jared’s gone, it’s a lot harder to get forward progress accomplished when I’m all by myself. Last week the Puget Sound region had record breaking heat in the high 90s-low 100s, which, by comparison to other parts of the country will make me sound like kind of a wuss, but we hardly ever see that kind of heat. It was really hard to get anything done in the middle of the day, which was very hard for me. The last couple of days have been much better, and I’ve gotten some help from a few of our CSA members, Tea, and Kristin, our faithful helper, Tammie, and Carley, another community member who contacted us to come lend a hand. I would not be able to get all this done without these ladies help, so (if you’re reading this) thank you very much!

We’ve accoplished some weeding, some harvesting and some transplanting together this last week. The weeds love the heat, so they’re pretty much at my throat right now (metaphorically speaking, thank god) so having help getting them out is much needed. The squash, tomatillos, and cucumbers are all coming on strong, and the tomatoes are ramping up. So far we’ve only had enough for the CSA, but should be able to start having them at the market soon. We’re also trying to get all of the space vacated by harvested lettuce, broccoli, beets and herbs with all of our summer seed starts.

Jared and I also separated the hens and roosters before he left, and I have had a time trying to keep the roosters away from those hens! almost every day I find a rooster lurking outside their fence, and occasionally find hens over by the roosters. I’ve been taking the chance to clip their wings though! I’ve gotten quite good at doing it all by myself, which I’d never thought I’d be able to do, woo! The ducks have also been laying eggs, I’d say anywhere from 4-8 every morning!

Alright, time for me to get back to work!