A bonus to say the least

Aug 26, 2021

This is an amazing year for us at Hand Sown Homegrown Heritage Farm. We’ve been blessed with a great many of new experiences this year. One that comes to mind is the experience of farming daily with my lovely and beautiful wife. I am privileged to have a farming partner who works extremely hard, is fun to be around all day, happens to be cute, and doubles as my wife. Last year Sara worked her final and eighth year as a full-time nanny and helped the farm at every other single moment. This year she’s by my side everyday and kicking butt. It’s awesome to start to learn each other’s strengths in farming, business, and life. I think I’ve learned more about my wife in the last three farming months then in the last three years that I’ve known her. She keeps me on my feet and guided when I doubt or over think things, works extremely hard on the farm, is a great planner, fantastic cook, and can multi-task, unlike me. I appreciate and cherish the chance to be farming healthy food with my wife. I’ve always dreamed of a family farm and I think we have one now!

Here in the slideshow we see

The planting process for broccoli, yes that funny looking row cover is our attempt to helping those plants get a little boost and protection in this cold and wet spring. I do hope it’s not too hot in there for them. We put the plastic on and then slit down the sides of the row cover. (Note: we will no longer be doing all of our rows so darn close together. 12” just ain’t enough some times.) That tool she’s using is a great one! It’s a Bed Preparation Rake, we do all of our rows so far with this. We should have a second one on order!

Then we see the ducks as they discover foraging.

And finally, Sara is in one of our Lincoln greenhouses planting lettuce