Welcome to Daily Grace Farms

I am honored to be included in the newest class of FRESHMAN FARMERS! Thank you, Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply for this wonderful opportunity!

Special thanks to Matt and Angela @ Driftwood Farm for the warm welcome!

Daily Grace Farms is now in its fifth official month of business…. Wow, how time flies. I started the year out with grand plans to have a 5 share CSA and to sell at one or both of our local farmers markets. The launch of the CSA program was a huge disappointment for me, when time came for the 5 families to send in payments all of them for one reason or another had to back out of their commitments. I knew farming would have its challenges but to have all your start up money fall through was a bit daunting.

Next in line as far as challenges was the spring weather, some of the worst in years, cold and rainy for 4 months straight! What little seed that could be planted and managed to grow was very very slow, many of the early plantings were also plagued by an onslaught of hail storms and frost followed by gophers, slugs and cabbage worms. So what is a would be farmer to do? I decided a drastic change of course was in order. I am mainly growing fruits and vegetables to supply our family and a few friends.

The farm focus turned to building a greenhouse, researching drip irrigation systems to determine what will work best here, the purchase of some livestock, and planting pasture ground for the livestock. Will devote an entire post to each of the previously mentioned projects with photos in the next few weeks. Well folks that is a brief overview of life at Daily Grace Farms so far this year. Stay tuned there are many adventures yet to be shared!